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One such software is the validated address using a software tool that is available from the net. This is basically free software to validate addresses which will automatically detect and report wrong information on unoccupied residential land and vacant land. It is designed specifically to check the current residential and vacant land ownership information in addition to the land use information. It simply displays the number of properties and the type of properties and the corresponding address in the region that you specify.


It is a user-friendly software to validate addresses using software to validate addresses in real-time. It is considered an easy way to carry out land surveys as you need not undergo the formalities of acquiring the required real estate documents. The tool is mainly available for free download from the net. The tool requires simple installation procedures and after installation, it runs on its own.

How to Validate Addresses?

In order to validate addresses with API, you must download this software and run a server with the help of an installation CD. The server consists of a browser and configuration tool for verifying the API. The API is the key that makes the system work, the server checks the authenticity of the supplied API against the database. The database in turn contains details of all the different types of addresses.

Once the server has verified the authenticity of the supplied APIs, it sends back a list of addresses to the client through the socket server. The details that are returned by the server includes the name of the property, its address, state, and boundaries. The data returned by the server consists of the following fields: Name of the property, the address of the property, state and boundaries. The software further verifies the type of the address by checking the type parameters passed to it during the server query. For instance, if you are getting a response from an address with type ’email’ and you are trying to validate the same with an ‘http’ then you know that the particular address is an email address.

Nowadays there are various companies selling software to validate the addresses. While these companies are legitimate, the only way to validate is to buy the software from authentic sources. Do not compromise with the quality of the software because there are many companies who are selling software that is fake and can harm your system. Before buying the software you must make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. There are some simple ways to validate an email address.

You can validate addresses using software by checking the URLs contained in the header. The URL’s in the header to indicate the location of where the information was fetched from. The information fetched should be relevant and should not be relative. Similarly, you can also validate an address using software by verifying its API. The API is generally used to indicate the source and method of communication which was used for passing data from one source to another.


Another simple way to validate email address information is to connect to a remote server and do a TCP/IP packet trace. If you successfully discover a match between the source IP and the destination IP then you know that you have a valid session. To validate email address information you must also check the time zone and process. I’m everyone’ or everybody AND group’ command will provide you with the information you need. You can also validate an address using software by verifying its domain name or its IP address using a DNS server.

However, sometimes, a simple IP check will not provide you with accurate information. In such cases you must validate email addresses with other server like POP3 or SMTP. If you have a choice of server type, it would be better to validate email addresses on POP3 which is more reliable as compared to SMTP.