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Health OutcomeMeasuresInstrumentAge GroupMethodIdentified StudiesOriginal Source
SocialFamily relationshipsDeveloped questionnaireNot specifiedQuestionnaireCarney et al. (2012)N/A
SocialSocial bondsHirschi's tests of social bonds for juvenile delinquencyNot specifiedQuestionnaireMcGuinn & Relf (2001)Hirschi (1969)
SocialWorking cooperativelyLife Skills QuestionnaireChildrenQuestionnaireGibbs et al. (2013b)Robinson & Zajicek (2005)
SocialWorking cooperatively - of childAdapted questionnaireAdultQuestionnaireGibbs et al. (2013b)Robinson & Zajicek (2005)
Social/MentalEngagementThe Menorah Park Engagement Scale (MPES)SeniorsQuestionnaireJarrott (2010)Judge et al. (2000)
Social/MentalCultural norms and beliefsField observationNot specifiedInterventionWeltin et al. (2012)N/A