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Health OutcomeMesauresInstrumentAge GroupMethodIdentified StudiesOriginal Source
PhysicalPhysical activity(PARAGON) The Physical Activity Research and Assessment tool for Garden ObservationChildrenObservationalWells et al. (2014); Myers et al. (2015)Myers & Wells (2015)
NutritionDietary intakePhoto-derived school lunch intakeChildrenObservationYoder et al. (2014)Cullen et al. (2008)
NutritionDietary intakeAdapted questionnaireChildrenObservationGibbs et al. (2013a); Gibbs et al. (2013b)Block Questionnaire for ages 8Ð17 (2009)
NutritionDietary intakeAdapted questionnaireNot specifiedObservationalSommerfeld et al. (2010)Swanson (2008)