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Health OutcomeMeasuresInstrumentAge GroupMethodIdentified StudiesOriginal Source
Physical/MentalWellbeingAdapted questionnaireNot specifiedInterviewHackman et al. (1990)N/A
MentalAnxiety and depressionChinese version of the Depression Anxiety Stress Scale (DASS21)Not specifiedInterviewKam et al. (2010)Lovibond & Lovibond (1995)
Mental/PhysicalPerceived general healthSF-35Not specifiedSemi-structured interviewsVan den Berg et al. (2010)Ware et al. (1995)
NutritionDietary intake24 hour food recallNot specifiedInterviewHackman et al. (1990); Faber et al. (2002b)Kaufer et al. (2010)
NutritionDietary intakePlate waste analysis adapted of the Swanson methodNot specifiedInterviewScherr et al. (2014)Young et al. (1952)
NutritionDietary intakeBlock Food Frequency QuestionnaireNot specifiedInterviewDavis et al. (2011b); Scherr et al. (2014)The American Dietetic Association and the AmericanÊDiabetes (1986)
NutritionDietary intakeBlock Kids Food Frequency Questionnaire 2004ChildrenInterviewYoder et al. (2014)Nutrition Quest (2007)
Garden CharacteristicsSpecies diversityShannon-Wiener IndexNot specifiedInterviewAkrofi et al. (2010)Kent & Cocker (1992)