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Health OutcomeMeasuresInstrumentAge groupMethodIdentified StudiesOriginal Source
PhysicalLipidsMedical appointmentChildrenClinicalWeltin et al. (2012)N/A
PhysicalAnemiaHemoglobin level blood testChildrenClinicalSlater et al. (2014)N/A
PhysicalHemoglobin levelBlood testsChildrenClinicalJi (2010)N/A
PhysicalCD4 levelBlood testsChildrenClinicalJi (2010)N/A
PhysicalSalivary cortisol responseSaliva swabChildrenClinicalVan den Berg (2011)N/A
PhysicalPhysical activityAccelerometryChildrenInterventionWells (2014)N/A
MentalAnxietySymptom Checklist-90-Revised scaleChildrenClinical TestSon et al. (2004); Siu & Kam (2010)Derogatis L. R.Ê(1975)
MentalAnxietyHamilton Anxiety (HAM-A)ChildrenDeveloped questionnaireHyer et al. (1996)Hamilton (1969)
NutritionDietary intakeFood frequency questionnaireChildrenInterventionFaber et al. (2002a); Hanson et al. (2011)N/A
NutritionDietary intake24 hour food recallChildrenInterviewHackman et al. (1990); Faber et al. (2002b)Kaufer et al. (2010)
NutritionDietary intakePlate waste analysis adapted of the Swanson methodChildrenInterviewScherr et al. (2014)Young et al. (1952)
NutritionDietary intakeBlock Food Frequency QuestionnaireChildrenInterviewDavis et al. (2011b); Scherr et al. (2014)The American Dietetic Association and the AmericanÊDiabetes (1986)
NutritionDietary intakeBlock Kids Food Frequency Questionnaire 2004ChildrenInterviewYoder et al. (2014)Nutrition Quest (2007)
NutritionDietary intakePhoto-derived school lunch intakeChildrenObservationYoder et al. (2014)Cullen et al. (2008)
NutritionDietary intakeAdapted questionnaireChildrenObservationGibbs et al. (2013a); Gibbs et al. (2013b)Block Questionnaire for ages 8Ð17 (2009)
NutritionDietary intakeAdapted questionnaireChildrenObservationalSommerfeld et al. (2010)Swanson (2008)
NutritionDietary habitsParent Survey About NutritionChildrenQuestionnaireScherr et al. (2014)N/A
NutritionDietary habitsChild Feeding QuestionnaireChildrenQuestionnaireScherr et al. (2014)N/A
NutritionFood choicesAdapted questionnaireChildrenQuestionnaireGibbs et al. (2013a); Gibbs et al. (2013b)Heneman et al. (2008)
NutritionFood choicesDeveloped questionnaireChildrenQuestionnaireEckermann et al. (2014)Birch et al. (2001)
Nutrition/PhysicialHealth and nutritional statusHousehold dietary diversity scoreChildrenQuestionnairePuett et al. (2014)N/A
Nutrition/PhysicalHealth and nutritional statusFood consumption scoreChildrenQuestionnairePuett et al. (2014)N/A
NutritionF&V intake and preferenceThe Behavioural Risk Factor Surveillance SystemChildrenQuestionnaireAlaimo et al. (2008)Serdula et al. (2004)
NutritionVitamin B6Blood testChildrenQuestionnaireFaber & Laurie (2011)N/A
NutritionRiboflavinBlood testChildrenQuestionnaireFaber & Laurie (2011)N/A
NutritionAscorbic acidBlood testChildrenQuestionnaireFaber & Laurie (2011)N/A
NutritionCalciumBlood testChildrenQuestionnaireFaber & Laurie (2011)N/A
NutritionVitamin DBlood testChildrenQuestionnaireDe Rui et al. (2014)N/A
NutritionVitamin A intakeSemi-quantitative 24-hour recallChildrenQuestionnaireTaher et al. (2004)De Pee & Bloem (1999)
NutritionVitamin A intakeVitamin A rich food questionnaireChildrenQuestionnaireFaber et al. (2002b)N/A
NutritionEating behaviourDeveloped questionnaireChildrenQuestionnaireHackman et al. (1990); Hanson et al. (2011); Eckermann et al. (2014)N/A
NutritionFood descriptionsAdapted questionnaireParent and Child versionsQuestionnaireGibbs et al. (2013b)N/A
SocialSocial bondsHirschiÕs tests of social bonds for juvenile delinquencyChildrenQuestionnaireMcGuinn & Relf (2001)Hirschi (1969)
PolicyHealth Promotion: Evaluation of Student Participation in a School Food ProgrammeDeveloped questionnaireChildrenInterventionOrme et al. (2013)Creswell & Plano (2007)