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Health OutcomeMeasuresInstrumentAge GroupMethodIdentified StudiesOriginal Source
PolicyHealth Promotion: Evaluation of Student Participation in a School Food ProgrammeDeveloped questionnaireNot specifiedQuestionnaire Orme et al. (2013)Creswell & Plano (2007)
PolicyTests the strength of a health programProgram Impact Pathways (PIP) Not specifiedQuestionnairePassmore et al. (2014)Pérez-Escamilla et al. (2014)
Skills & EducationSkillsThe 'My Healthy Dinner Plate Activity' ChildrenInterventionViola et al. (2006)N/A
Garden CharacteristicsSpecies diversityShannon-Wiener Index Not specifiedQuestionnaireAkrofi et al. (2010)Kent & Cocker (1992)
Garden CharacteristicsGardens characteristicsDeveloped questionnaireNot specifiedInterviewArmstrong (2000)N/A
Garden CharacteristicsProgram evaluationInterviews, focus groups, observationsNot specifiedInterventionBlock et al. (2012)N/A
NutritionIntervention implementationDeveloped questionnaireNot specified QuestionnaireChristian et al. (2014)N/A
NutritionProgram evaluationDeveloped questionnaireNot specified InterventionWills et al. (2010)N/A
MentalRoom satisfactionThe Patient's Room Satisfaction QuestionnaireNot specified QuestionnairePark et al. (2009)Ware et al. (1976)
MentalBarriers to health careField observationNot specified InterventionWeltin et al. (2012)N/A
MentalBroodingSubscale of the Rumination Response Scale Not specified QuestionnaireGonzalez et al. (2010)Treynor et al. (2003)
EconomicFood securityHousehold Food Insecurity Access ScaleNot specifiedQuestionnairePuett et al. (2014)Roberfroid et al. (2011)
EconomicCost-effectiveness of health treatmentMedical Outcome Study Short Form-36 (SF-36)Not specifiedQuestionnaireVerra et al. (2012)Wareet al. (2005)
EconomicCost-savingWeighing vegetablesNot specifiedQuestionnaireAlgert et al. (2014)N/A
Economic/PhysicalLength of hospitalization Hospital recordNot specified QuestionnairePark et al. (2008)N/A