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Health OutcomeMeasuresInstrumentAge groupMethodIdentified StudiesOriginal Source
PhysicalHgA1cMedical appointmentNot specifiedClinicalWeltin et al. (2012)N/A
PhysicalLipidsMedical appointmentNot specifiedClinicalWeltin et al. (2012)N/A
PhysicalAnemiaHemoglobin level blood testNot specifiedClinicalSlater et al. (2014)N/A
PhysicalHemoglobin levelBlood testsNot specifiedClinicalJi (2010)N/A
PhysicalCD4 levelBlood testsNot specifiedClinicalJi (2010)N/A
PhysicalSalivary cortisol responseSaliva swabNot specifiedClinicalVan den Berg (2011)N/A
MentalAnxietyStateTrait Anxiety Inventory Form Y-1Not specifiedClinical testPark et al. (2008); Mackay et al.(2010)Spielberger (1970)
MentalAnxietySymptom Checklist-90-Revised scaleNot specifiedClinical TestSon et al. (2004); Siu & Kam (2010)Derogatis L. R.Ê(1975)
NutritionFruit and vegetable intakeCADETChildrenClinicalChristian et al. (2012); Christian et al. (2014)Cade et al. (2006)
NutritionFruit and vegetable intakeFAO SurveyNot specifiedClinicalWijesinha-Bettoni et al. (2013)N/A
NutritionFruit and vegetable intakeThe Fruit and Vegetable Preference QuestionnaireChildrenClinicalLineberger (2000)Domel et al. (1993)
NutritionFruit and vegetable intake3-Day Food DiaryChildrenClinicalWang et al. (2010)Crawford et al. (1994)
NutritionFruit and vegetable intakeTheory of Planned Behaviour ConstructNot specifiedClinicalDuncan et al. (2015)Kothe et al. (2012)
NutritionFruit and vegetable intakeFruit and Vegetable Food Frequency QuestionnaireChildrenClinical testEvans et al. (2012)Wakimoto et al. (2006)