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Growing Food with Purpose: three webinars

Emma’s Acres — L.I.N.C.

Lessons from the Farm at St. Joe’s

Project SOIL


Webinar 1


Tuesday, 21 October, 2014 – 13:00 EDT

Emma’s Acres — L.I.N.C.
Emma’s Acres is an agricultural social enterprise that 1) provides offenders with employment skills and reintegration supports as they are transitioning out of prison, 2) assists survivors of serious crime through the outreach worker funded in part by selling produce that is grown on site and 3) enhances the food security in the District of Mission by creating a year round local source of non- spray vegetables, herbs and flowers. “Inspiring hope… Helping victims one squash at a time.”

Sherry Edmunds-Flett, executive director of L.I.N.C., will be talking about digital storytelling and how it helps in project evaluation and getting the message out. A developmental evaluation of the Society’s activities was the result of a collaboration between the University of BC’s Research in Health and Healthcare Inequities and L.I.N.C.

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Webinar 2


Tuesday, 21 October, 2014 – 14:00 EDT

Lessons from the Farm at St. Joe’s

Leaders from Saint Joseph Mercy Health System will share their story, which includes The Farm at St. Joe’s, a 364-acre farm and educational experience on the grounds of St. Joseph Mercy in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where organic planting methods provide patients, staff, volunteers and visitors an experiential way to understand the link between fresh air, exercise, fresh food, good nutrition and good health. In this presentation, the staff behind the creation and management of the farm will share some of the lessons they’ve learned and insights into how other health care organizations can take what they’ve learned and adapt it for their own organization, how to generate support for environmental projects, how to find community partners and more.

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Webinar 3


Wednesday, October 22, 15:00 EDT

Project SOIL webinar

In Ontario, several institutions are already producing food on their properties as a way to generate revenue; supply nutritious fresh food for consumption (by staff, patients, students, etc.); provide skills training and therapeutic benefits; and build social enterprises.

Project SOIL is a three-year feasibility study that explores the potential of on-site food production at public health care and educational institutions in Ontario.  This webinar will share how project partners at health care, social service and educational institutions went about getting gardens off the ground at their institutions, as well as some of the lessons we learned in the first year of working with pilot projects across the province.

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Telus Corporate Community Garden

Last month we went to the grand opening of the Telus Corporate Community Garden, on the roof terrace at 25 York Street, the Telus Toronto head office.

Telus 5th floor patio

The Telus Garden Rationale
“It is one of the first of its kind to involve employees of a corporation in a community garden setting. We really feel there is great value in this project to inspire other corporations to install community gardens for their employees. Like the gyms and the wellness centres now common in the corporate culture the garden is a natural extension toward living sustainably, preventative health practices and connection with community. ”

Telus 5th floor patio

The garden, on the 5th floor patio at Telus House, has impressive views but also holds some unique challenges for the garden curator, who has to worry about not only an excess of sun -both direct and reflected off the glass building- but also the wind, which can pick up in the afternoon. Planting delicate veg at floor level will hopefully protect the plants from the buffeting.

Telus 4th floor patio

 If all goes well on the 5th floor in 2014, a much larger space on the 4th floor patio is available, and growing food on this scale could really generate some momentum in the building, and in the community.