Integrated Healthcare Practitioners (Cover Story—Feb 2015)

Project Soil – Food Production at Health Care Institutions

Story by Philip Rouchotas, MSc, ND
Photography By Christine Kufske

… While a major goal of Project SOIL is to determine the feasibility

Integrated Healthcare Practitioners Cover Story

of large- scale food production in public institutions, the benefits of gardening —well known to every garden enthusiast— go far beyond the simple calculation of kilos of produce harvested. The impacts of garden projects are far-reaching: it is difficult to describe the level of gratitude and satisfaction that derives from consuming a product you yourself grew. Gardens bring people and communities together, and impart a deep knowledge and respect for nature to every participant. The therapeutic impact of spending time in greenspace and working with plants —a topic recently reviewed in this journal—is supported by an impressive body of science…

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Rouchotas, P. (Dec 2014) “Project Soil – Food Production at Health Care Institutions”. Integrated Healthcare Practitioners, 38-43. Available at:

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