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Scaling Up: The UBC Farm to Hospital Project

“The nutritional benefits of serving fresh food could have a significant impact on a patient’s well-being, helping them to heal faster,” said Shannon Lambie, Communications Coordinator, the UBC Farm.  “Local food is more sustainable and, because it tastes better, it could also help hospitals reduce their high rate of food waste. We’re hoping that, through the Farm to Hospital project, we can find a way to get healthy, local food onto patients’ plates.” Read more

Scaling Up: The Evolution of the UBC Dining Hall 

Chef Golob reached out to the UBC Farm, and to his surprise, all it took was a phone call and as he puts it an “adaptable, flexible attitude”.

However, enthusiasm for the farm fresh produce was not immediate in the kitchen. “The initial reaction from the cooks was, why isn’t this pre-cut and fully cleaned? What do you mean I have to wash it?”

It wasn’t long though before the food began selling out and the compliments started to roll in from students.  Soon the cooks were taking pride in their food and asking for more and more, preferring the colour and flavour of the fresh produce from the pre-frozen produce they were used to, and from there, Chef Golob notes, “it really took off, and now we are receiving produce deliveries [from the UBC Farm] into late November”. Read more

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