A New SPIn on Farming

Jean-Martin Fortier and Maude-Helene Desroches are co-proprietors of des Jardins de la Grelinette, one of the finest examples of Small Plot Intensive (SPIn) organic farming in Canada.

They run a Community Supported Agriculture operation, supplying 150 families from their bio-intensive ‘micro-farm’ in Saint-Armand, Québec. They also sell mesclun to retail outlets locally, and can be found weekly at the Knowlton farmers market (near Brome Lake).

They run a website and facebook page for the farm, and Jean-Martin travels extensively, spreading the word about organic SPIn farming techniques. After a successful crowdsourcing campaign by FarmStart, Jean-Martin’s book le Jardinier-Maraîcher has been translated into english: The Market Gardener; A Successful Growers’ Handbook for Small-Scale Organic Farming is now available for order, online!

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